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 I’m very excited to announce my new partnership with Pita Jungle. When I came to Arizona, Pita Jungle was one of the first restaurants that caught my attention. Mediterranean food has always been very close to me, and I like the fun and welcoming environment along with Pita Jungle’s vey unique and creative style. My wife, Lucy and I didn’t go out very often before Pita Jungle, but with Pita Jungle it has been different! We love the selection of healthy foods. The meals are always fresh and nutritious. As a professional triathlete I have to watch what I eat and make sure I take in enough calories with a fair amount of protein and carbohydrates. Every time I go to Pita Jungle I find it very comforting to know that I can always find a fresh green salad with chicken or salmon in it, or having a cold wrap, or any kind of gyros after a large plate of hummus or any other 

delicious dish. Most of the meals have the perfect balance of nutritional sources whether I have to recover after a 6-hour bike ride, have to grab something before an afternoon swim session, or go on a run... It was a natural and logical choice when I decided to ask Pita Jungle for a partnership. I couldn’t imagine a better sponsor than my most favorite restaurant in town! Of course, I am so very proud to have Pita Jungle as one of my leading sponsors.


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